Stephen T. Wong

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A native Californian, Stephen is a seasoned IT veteran who is using passion in technology to bring projects to life. He believes in the power of deliberate technology use to spread ideas, build communities, and solve problems. Stephen is interested in all forms of information technology, from its early history to how futuristic trends will shape and influence the world around us.

Stephen's passion for the last decade has been exploring where technology and education can and should go. On what challenges we in the educational and informational technology field should be tackling both in terms of new directions and new ideas. His focus has been on adult education. In particular on access to learning, tools for student success, and diversity and inclusion.



Computer Science

University of California Santa Cruz


Director of Information Technology

Stanford Graduate School of Education

Architects and implements information technology strategies, processes, and procedures for the Dean’s Office, faculty research, and the University’s mission. He focus on IT infrastructure, provisioning, planning, installation and operation. His latest projects include modernizing the data center, transforming to DevOps, and information security.

2007 - CURRENT

Blizzard Online Network Services Implementation Supervisor

Blizzard Entertainment

Founding member of Blizzard's legendary BONS team. Stephen was the first System Administrator for the World of Warcraft project as rose through the ranks of Senior Administrator, Lead Administrator and then Supervisor. He was involved in all aspects from building data centers, training the global support team, and oversaw all major incidents. Fun fact. Stephen ran the command to launch World of Warcraft worldwide.

2003 - 2007




Bay Area, California